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Niykee Heaton, YouTube sensation turned sultry Pop-star, has been making some exciting moves as of late. Performing at Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, PSG’s XTREME SPRING BREAK and SXSW, earlier this month, Niykee is making breakthrough moves to accelerate the success of career in 2016.

Earlier in her career, Niykee digitally released her debut EP, Bad Intentions in late September 2014. Her EP not only topped the charts, but sparked the interest of pop fans alike, with her distinctive voice and beautiful persona. Following the release, Niykee then began to experience issues with her label, which she went into detail about on her YouTube channel, expressing her concern and frustrations in a letter to fans. It was there in the midst of all her troubles, that Niykee took matters into her own hands, without the support of her label, and made groundbreaking moves for her career. She published her website, NBK (Naturyl Born Killers) on which she released new music and revealed, “NBK is the movement” and that she was now in a position to bring the music she desired to fans and was no longer being held back.

Niykee then began producing her music herself, sporadically releasing new tunes on her website and launched a music video for his song “Lullaby” (October 2015). She then went on to tour the US and Canada for the rest of 2015 on her  first headlining concert series, The Bedroom TourWhat’s most interesting about this, though, is that Niykee independently planned this tour, which sold out within hours of being on sale. Niykee made her own costumes, booked her own meet and greets, arranged the songs to create the set lists, and even designed the merchandise for the tour. Check out her hard work in the tour video, below.

However, it appears smoother sailing is ahead, as Niykee has been able to smooth things over with her label. This is great news for us, as fans, because following the reunion, Niykee released The Bedroom Tour Playlist  on Capitol Records last Friday, March 18. The Bedroom Tour Playlist is a compilation of remixed and remastered material, like her popular “Bad Intentions” (which on this mixtape is remixed with vocals from Migos), of her music debuted and shared on the tour.  You can listen to the mixtape in full, below.


Craving more Niykee? Prime Social has you covered, if you missed Niykee at Xtreme Spring Break, Prime Social is bringing you three new opportunities to see Niykee perform live:

4/14/16 Niykee Heaton @ Wild Bull in Kalamazoo, MI

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4/15/16 Niykee Heaton @ Mynt Cincinnati in Cincinnati, OH

4/16/16 Niykee Heaton @ #FEST in Athens, OH






The Bedroom Tour Playlist Tracklist:
Niykee Heaton – I’m Ready
Niykee Heaton & Migos – Bad Intentions (Remix)
Niykee Heaton – Infinity
Niykee Heaton – Say Yeah
Niykee Heaton – King
Niykee Heaton – NBK
Niykee Heaton – Lullaby
Niykee Heaton – Mask Devil
Niykee Heaton – Out The Mind (Bonus Track)
Niykee Heaton – OT
Niykee Heaton – Nexus
Niykee Heaton – Dream Team


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