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Like other EDM genres, House music contains an abundance of sub-genres. From electro, progressive, french, big room, acid, tech to tribal there usually is something that appeals to just about anyone. One sub-house genre that isn’t always catered for modern day listeners is known as Dad House. Even though Dad House isn’t as well liked as it was in the 90’s, there are still some artists bringing back the quirky vibe.

California based duo No Funks Given is one of those artists! Relating to fans with fun retro sounds is what they tend to do best. It’s no different this time with their newly released single titled “Dad House” dedicated to the genre. 

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Personally, I thought “Dad House” was a perfect blend of retro meets new-school sound. If you’re curious about what other beats the self-identified “undefined and unrefined” duo are capable of I encourage you to check out the links below.



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