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OK Go filmed their new music video in 4.2 seconds, and it will blow your mind.

After a brief hiatus since their latest album release, Hungry Ghosts, in October 2014, OK Go blasted the internet with a new music video last Wednesday for their track “The One Moment” (which appears on Hungry Ghosts).

The music video went viral to the point where CBS, NPR, Forbes and TIME reported about it.

OK Go is most notorious for their mind-blowing, aesthetically pleasing music videos that get millions of views upon their releases. “The One Moment” had 4 million views within the first nine hours. However, the band lacks Top 40 appearances (but boasts a few) since producing their first album in 2002. Perhaps their most popular single is “Here It Goes Again,” accompanied by its infamous treadmill video from nearly a decade ago, which drew attention to the originality and creativity of their videos after going viral.

In the first 4.2 seconds of “The One Moment” video, we see a rapid series of colorful explosions that go off like dominoes. These explosions include paint, water balloons, and guitars (whoa). Then the 4.2 second clip is put in slow motion with the track to accompany it, and each action is in unison with the song. The amazing part is the amount of time and precision that went into the video’s production. Every event needed to have an exact duration.

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Watch how the video was made here.

OK Go can thank Morton Salt for an opportunity to make another video, who contacted the band in hopes to collaborate. Morton’s message in its Walk Her Walk campaign is about people using their one chance to do good things in the world, said frontman Damian Kulash. The brand’s message is in-line with the track’s message about how exhilarating those singular moments in life can be when we feel most alive.

In 2012, OK Go collaborated with Chevrolet and made a spectacular music video into a car commercial for the Chevy Sonic. It appeared during the Superbowl and has nearly 40 million views on YouTube.

OK Go’s music videos reflect how much the band cares about their music. They put hard work, passion and innovation into every video. Their natural and original ideas are a rarity in the production of today’s music videos, which make OK Go’s so fascinating to watch.

Haven’t seen the rest of OK Go’s music videos? Set aside some time to watch them all (seriously, do it). Here’s a handy playlist:  OK Go Official Music Videos.

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