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At seventeen years old, could you imagine standing in front of hundreds as you curated the soundtrack to their festival experience? Could you picture yourself on stage, mixing track after track as the crowd eagerly awaits the next drop? This has become a reality for Chicago-based producer Whethan. This summer has seen the high school junior take the stage at major festivals like Summer Camp and Spring Awakening, with upcoming performances at HARD Summer and UpNorth.

Ethan Snoreck took the name Whethan (originally Wheathin) after remixing a Wheat Thin commercial to prove his production skills to his friends. It may seem obvious, but this particular remix is not the reason behind the festival bookings. Instead, these are the results of massively popular remixes posted to his SoundCloud. His first remix, a take on Mssingno’s “XE3”, has garnered close to six million plays. With nearly every other remix surpassing the one million hits mark, the crowds drawn to the budding producer should come as no surprise.

Scintillating synths define many of Whethan’s productions, while others are marked by the perfect amount of control and restraint. The up-and-comer displays an ear far more experienced than his age would suggest, as evidenced by his remixes of tracks like Louis The Child’s “It’s Strange“. His tracks draw perfectly upon the future bass sound made popular by Flume, while crafting them around a sense of originality that has the power to make the listener move even as chills sweep over their skin.

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Whethan is the youngest producer to ever release on the highly esteemed Australian label Future Classic. The label plays host to the likes of Flume, Chet Faker and Hayden James among many other well-respected artists. Snoreck was just sixteen when his remix of Midnight To Monaco’s “Suicide” was picked up by the Aussie tastemakers. Almost one year later, the future bass prodigy has kept things moving with a steady stream of remixes and a slew of upcoming original releases.

According to a Reddit thread, Weathan has reportedly leaked then taken back a possible collaboration with Skrillex. One Reddit user also shared he has one in the works with Flux Pavilion.

Whether “Can’t Hide” is one of those major collaborations or not, he can’t hide his talents (and we can’t deny our love for Whethan) for any longer!

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