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By now, we all know Desiigner’s track “Panda.” The song was popularized on Kanye West’s latest project The Life Of Pablo but has now spun into its own viral “thing.” 

Although Desiigner just dropped a surprise mixtape via Tidal this week, we still can’t get over all the hilarious “Panda” memes that have popped into our news feeds since its release.

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Twitter-why-desiigner-look-like-all-of-133248Dude’s got dance moves for days. And the energy of an Energizer Bunny.

panda-memes-funny-01-640x539Squad’s lit fam…Call up the broads and have the X6’s meet us on the runway.
FuturekanyememeI’m a big fan of the Nick Young “meme of confusion.” Not only that, Future’s face fits perfectly.

CgCw8P1UMAA_l7yThe face of utter disappointment. Wait, is that Shaq? 

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