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Recently I purchased my first vintage bleached 80’s rock tee shirt from none other than your local neighborhood PacSun. As much as I hate to buy anything from there that’s “trending”, I couldn’t resist. Not to mention I had just met Paul Stanley, the lead guitarist from KISS, non-chalantly walking through the mall *sheds tear*.

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My choices were between Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Slayer. I went with the one I knew the most about, Metallica. While checking out at the counter I began to ask myself the question, “How much do people actually know about the music, from the artist(s) on the tee shirts they are purchasing?” So I decided to put together a playlist full of songs, ranging from heavy metal to hip-hop, inspired by the resurgence of vintage tees. 

Continue the conversation by tweeting us pics of yourself in your favorite vintage tees!

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