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After five years of anticipation, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are back with Dark Necessities, an intricate composition of soulful vocals, funky bass and a killer chorus.

Dark Necessities is the first single from the band’s eleventh LP The Getaway. Due out June 17th, the album is to be produced by Danger Mouse, a five-time Grammy winning producer, and long time Radiohead collaborator Nigel Godrich. Interestingly enough, this is the first time that Red Hot Chili Peppers have not been produced by Rick Rubin, who has facilitated work on all of their albums since 1989’s Mother’s Milk.

The single begins with Flea’s baseline, heavy and moody, which ascends into a piano riff from Josh Klinghoffer. The combination continues to crescendo with Chad Smith’s percussion whirlwind adding flavor. The crescendo builds, until BAM! Flea goes on a funky bass frenzy. Smith’s subtle symbols carry a smooth, fleeting groove into Anthony Kiedis’s vocals. From here, the lyrics take over with the story. The highlight is the catch of the chorus: 

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“You don’t know my mind, you don’t know my kind. Dark necessities are part of my design.”

The track’s moody temperament shows how the Chili Peppers acknowledge the need for some darkness. So, what is in store for The Getaway? In March, it was confirmed that Elton John would be featured on the album so…I’m just gonna leave that here. Here is the track list for the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ much hyped LP:

1. “The Getaway”
2. “Dark Necessities” 5:02
3. “We Turn Red”
4. “The Longest Wave”
5. “Goodbye Angels”
6. “Sick Love”
7. “Go Robot”
8. “Feasting on the Flowers”
9. “Detroit”
10. “This Ticonderoga”
11. “Encore”
12. “The Hunter”
13. “Dreams of a Samurai”

Which ones do you think will be cameo’d on by Sir Elton himself?

Photo courtesy of: MTV/Getty Images

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