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In modern day dance music, staying underground while still acquiring airplay is rare. Indie group Odesza has succeeded in this space in addition to singular acts like Chet Faker, but now it’s RÜFÜS DU SOL’s turn..or so we think. Here’s why we’re hoping RÜFÜS DU SOL blooms into the next big thing:

Purchase tickets for their November 9th show at Skully’s in Columbus, OH here! 

Their Aesthetic Is Everything

With marbled imagery in motion, the trio’s social media message is one of curation. It’s fluid and pleasing to the eye, much like the sounds they produce (think sun-drenched synths and billowy basslines that roll through the air like a swift, thick smoke). This aesthetic is everything to the Australian artists, who said in a recent press statement it took nine months to create their album Bloom.

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“It took about 9 months,” said vocalist Tyrone Lundqvist of the project. “I think we really like sitting on things to give it time and see if we love it still after one month, two months, three months. If we still like it there’s a good chance we will still love it in ten years.”

The Eclectic Vibe Has Earned Credible Support

Because RÜFÜS DU SOL maintains such a versatile- yet progressive- sound, they’ve been able to make official remixes for credible names in the electronic industry including the aforementioned Odesza and ZHU. In addition, musicians like What So Not have also taken ‘Sol songs and made them their own (this remix of “Innerbloom” is one of our favorites).

Bloom entered the Australian Official Album Chart at #1 via Colombia Records in January; it was only a matter of time before America caught on to the multi-genre music phenomenon.

See RUFUS DU SOL this Fall in Columbus, OH, for the first time as they play Skully’s Diner which is sure to keep its intimate feel while also inevitably selling out. Tickets for the Nov. 9th show can be purchased HERE; plus, RSVP HERE to the event to instantly alert friends! 

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