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What a time to be alive. DJ’s and producers have replaced actors for coveted celebrity status…this isn’t “La La Land”, it’s the New Order. See what I did there? All song titles aside, Shaun Frank has certainly earned his place in this business. He sings, writes, produces, plays several instruments and even found time to murder sets coast-to-coast at every major festival this summer. And he’s only getting started.

Life Backstage caught up with the Canadian producer of tracks like “Heaven” and “La La Land” to see what’s good in his hood, what Chainsmokers track he recently co-wrote and the female vocalist he’s working with next.

On Craziest Summer Spot And Canadian Crowds…

You’re basically playing every major festival (SMF, Red Rocks, Electric Zoo) plus you’ve added dates to the New Order Tour with SNBRN and Dr. Fresch. What’s the craziest place you’ve played so far this summer and why?

Santa Anna, California for sure. We took a ridiculous stretch hummer limo from L.A. there so we had all our friends with us…it was the only 18+ show on the tour I think, too. The kids were just lit. It’s really fun for us when the crowd has that much energy. 

You’re hitting a couple Canadian spots in June; is there a different vibe you get from crowds back home?

To be honest, everywhere is really different…even different parts of the states. Certain types of music work per artist per area like in the Midwest, the crowds seem to like more bass-driven music. I play more bass house and even some dubstep there.


On His Hits With Delaney Jane And Who’s Next…

How did the collaboration come to be with Delaney Jane (who you’ve worked on for “La La Land”, “Heaven”, the “Shades Of Grey” mix and more)? 

We’re on a bit of a streak together. She actually moved into the house next door to me awhile back… I knew she was a singer, and basically asked her while she was tanning in the backyard if she wanted to help work on a Borgeous song (“This Could Be Love”). We wrote it, and it was just so easy. The thing about creativity when it comes to songwriting is that you can’t deny when something works. We always click musically. 

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And is she the vocalist we heard on your Facebook live, for the upcoming “Let Go”?

It’s actually not…it’s somebody else haha, and I know I’ll get huge backlash on that but we definitely have more coming up together. I’m helping her produce some solo stuff as well. I’ll also be singing on some tracks coming up. I sang in a band for a lot of years so it just makes sense.

So what female vocalists would you want to work with next?

I’ve always wanted to do something with Tove Lo, that would be amazing….really, I just go on Spotify and find these uncovered singers like Zella Day have you heard of her? Her voice is really cool, has an element I think my sound would connect with.


On His Playlist Picks And Upcoming Projects…

Will “Let Go” be your next single out?

I don’t think it will be next but it’s coming…first I have a collaboration with Steve Aoki, also I co-wrote The Chainsmokers’ next single that they premiered at Coachella well, with you guys first right actually? And then like four other tracks too. 

You tweeted recently that “Sometimes” by SNBRN was the best track out right now. What are some of your other must hears?

  • “You Were Right” by Rufus Du Sol
  • “Tiny Cities” by Flume featuring Beck
  • “It Is Love (Arty Remix)” by 3LAU
  • “Don’t Leave Without Me” by The Him

Listen here to Shaun’s recent Spotify playlist, which includes some of his bangers then share your favorite part of the interview in the Facebook comments below! 

Featured photo: Tilllate Magazine

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