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Just a couple days before the Weird and Wonderful tour comes to a close, Shlump decides to go out with a bang. The Weird and Wonderful tour took place over a two month period with a whopping 50 scheduled performances. Shlump played support for tour headliner Liquid Stranger alongside bass heavyweights Bleep Bloop and Perkulator.

Learn more about the weird bass of Bleep Bloop here.

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Three days before the final tour date, Shlump dropped a full length album Like A Drug. Perhaps his best work to date, the new release takes listeners on a Weird and Wonderful alien-bass filled journey. The album dropped through Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label just two weeks after Shlump’s official announcement. The first track is the title track “Like A Drug”. It starts things off on a solid high note that doesn’t diminish throughout the whole album.

Shlump, Like A Drug, West Coast, Bass music, Wakaan

Shlump is a staple of the West Coast music scene. He’s also one of the many artists that continues to give bass music a great name with progression in mind. Once again, he’s proven that there is no limit to where his far from typical sound can take you. The album is available on Soundcloud, Beatport, Spotify and iTunes. Feel free to pick up your free download thanks to Wakaan Record Label or stream here!

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