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Since my love for electronic music began over four years ago, I’ve dabbled in all sorts of genres and sub-genres. From house to trip hop to dubstep, there are very few genres I don’t enjoy. More recently, however, I’ve found a new obsession with a genre that’s taking over the scene in a big way. While not everyone has been able to identify what the genre is really called, it’s most often referred to as weird bass.

My first experience with weird bass happened a year ago when I saw Yheti perform at a festival called Farm on Fire in Pataskala, OH. Before that set I had never heard anything electronic wise that was so strange yet somehow still so rhythmic. While I personally have the Yheti monster to thank for introducing me to the weirdness of the somewhat sub-genre, other artists like G Jones, Tipper, Bleep Bloop, Space Jesus, Tsuruda, NastyNasty, PartyWave, Trevor Kelly have all had an immense influence on the growing movement.

Another artist that’s been dominating the bass music scene is Michael Petzel, also known as Shlump. Hailing from Sebastopol, CA, Shlump is well-versed in his own uniqueness. His capacity to incorporate melodic eeriness in his beats leads to an honest, addictive sound. At the end of April he released a huge LP Fracture through ShadowTrix music record label with 10 original tracks and 4 remixes by fellow bass kings BOATS, PartyWave, Trevor Kelly and PROKO.

We also got in touch with the man himself for an interview where he talks about Fracture, Rude Boy Noize and his upcoming North American tour.

When did you start making music as Shlump? How did the name happen?

Well I started playing guitar when I was very young, playing in bands and with friends. When I was in high school I started to fool around with making beats, but didn’t really dive into it until i started getting into bass music…

“Shlump” is a slang word from the bay area, me and my friends say it a lot. Like slapping or bumping. I can’t really take credit for coming up with the name. It’s more just something I adopted.

What other DJs do you admire? Who are your influences?

I look up to all sorts of producers and can appreciate all types of music. To name a few of my current influences, Mr.Carmack, IvLabs, The Widdler, Eprom. I really admire a lot of my friends productions as well like Trevor Kelly, Party Wave, Tsuruda etc…

What is your definition of bass music?

Bass music can be anything from dub-step, dnb, trap, jungle, house. It’s Electronic music where the main focus is heavy bass.

What inspired your “Fracture” LP?

The fracture release was rad cause I got to fool around with a lot of different styles and genres. Funny thing is I made all the songs during a month period were I fractured my foot and was out.

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Can you tell us about your upcoming tour?

Super excited for the summer North American Tour with my boys Tsuruda and Luzcid. The tour will span from the east-coast to the west-coast and into Canada from june-august. We are announcing all the official dates soon.

What record labels have you been involved with or are currently releasing on?

I have done releases with Saturate, Mallabel, Die High Records, Otodayo and my fam label “shadow trix”. Have some big releases planed for later this summer. Announcements are coming soon.

Your Instagram has a lot of clips of you skating. Do you get the chance to skate often?

Yeah I get to skate when I am home from traveling around doing shows. Its always nice to get out of the studio during the day.

What’s your favorite venue or location you’ve played?

Playing Camp Questionmark at Burning Man last year insane.

What’s your relationship with ShadowTrix?

Shadow Trix Music is run my my good homie Trevor Kelly. I just did the release fracture with Shadow Trix Music in April. It’s the homie label. I have a bunch of other friends who have released with them.

What is Rude Boys Noize and is that project still active?

Yeah me and Trevor Kelly’s collab project “Rude Boy Noize” are doing shows and currently working on a new LP.

Shlump’s LP Out Now

Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

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