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If you’re an avid follower of new dance music, it would be hard to miss some of the recent hits Slander has released. However, for those of you who don’t already know, Slander is an LA-based electronic DJ duo who are also incredibly talented producers. Their names are Derek Andersen and Scott Land, and aside from being passionate about their music, their stage presence and creativity combined assists in their enthusiastic live performances.

Attendees of the Breathe Tour will be introduced to a whole new genre experience which Slander is calling “heaven trap”. In a previous interview, Slander mentioned they take pride in their ability to spark emotion from the crowd with their music. The genre could be described as a fusion of trap and more euphoric trance sounds that tend to sooth the soul. To get a feel for their style, check out their latest released single with Adam K titled “Breathe”.

While their releases that are classified as “heaven trap” are some of the most angelic produced songs in dance music, Slander is also dedicated to heavy-hitting festival trap that crowds tend to worship. In other words, if you’re looking for a Friday night pre-game song, look no further than the link below to their collaboration with NGHTMRE called “We Like To Party”. You can catch both NGHTMRE and Slander at the 14th edition of #FEST this April.

Buy your tickets to #FEST here

If you can’t make it to #FEST this year (which should never be the case), you still have the opportunity to see Slander during their spring Breathe Tour during these upcoming dates:

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3.24.16 – Pittsburgh, PA

4.1.16 – Madison, WI

4.2.16 – Urbana, IL

4.6.16 – Kalamazoo, MI

4.7.16 – Lexington, KY

4.9.16 – Mount Pleasant, MI

You can also find the rest of the tour dates in the link below.


SoundCloud | Facebook | Tour

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