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Slushii, the newest anonymous producer to the spotlight, recently released another original track titled, “Take My Hand” last Tuesday, March 15. Slushii quickly rose to the spotlight following the release of his collaboration with marshmello, “WaNt U 2”, a special Valentine’s Day VIP track. Since, Slushii has typically produced tracks on the more mellow side of electronic music, with hits like “Some More” and “Closer” to consistently give fans a taste of his talent in producing melodic future bass. However, not this time!

Tackling the world of dubstep, “Take My Hand” is a heavy-hitting dub track, with peaceful lyrics followed by hard bass drops on an intense upbeat tempo. It is the perfect combination of chill and excitement that will definitely take first-time listeners by surprise. Preview the track below; and show your support, grab this track as a free download, here.

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Your favorite brain freeze has done it again!


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