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In the words of DJ Khaled, “Anotha One!”

Slushii has done it, yet again. Although it’s hardly surprising, as Slushii has steadily released new music since his quick rise to the spotlight, releasing approximately 10 tracks in the last month. From his originals like his most recent, “Take My Hand” and “Closer” to his remixes like his renditions of Kaskade’s, “Disarm You“and Adventure Club’s “Fade”, Slushii has stolen the hearts of electronic music fans alike with his varying multi-genre production talent. Take one listen, it’s very apparent as to why.

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This week, Slushii remixes Madeintyo’s “Uber Everywhere” which in its original form is a hip-hop track with vocals by K.Swisha. However, give Slushii the opportunity and he will turn anything into a sweet electronic creation. Slushii remixes this track to transform it into a dubstep composition with bouncy bass drops and synths that turned this previously dark beat into a colorful anthem with even brighter vocals. So #slushitup and listen to the new track below!


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