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PSG pairs with RX Productions to bring you….. SNAILS!

No, this is not an April Fools’ joke, PSG will be bringing Snails to Louisville, KY to Diamond Pub on April 1. Join the Facebook event here.

A Montréal based producer, Snails is most known for his unique and innovative style of dubstep, “vomitstep” and his devoted fan base of snail-heads. A veteran of the scene since 2012, Snails hit the industry with his collaborations with Apashe, “Bubble Gun” and “Staxx” on Kannibalen Records. Snails has since been added to the OWLSA label lineup, and produced some of the heaviest hitting tracks to ever see dubstep. Check his most recent release, “LZRS”, a collaboration with Laxx, below.

A combination of trap and dubstep, alongside whatever other enthralling sounds he may add, Snails creates the most bewildering and complex tracks with their heavy and dark bass synths to create his sub-genre of dubstep, “vomitstep”. Indisputably a more intense and insane version of dubstep, Snails’ “vomitstep” quickly became a favorite among dubstep fans, and for very obvious reasons. I mean, if you already like dirty bass, how could you not love the filthy version? Check out another Snails original, “King Is Back”, a collaboration with Ghastly.

With Snails’ steadily increasing popularity, this event is sure to sell out, so grab your tickets early. Fans have the option of purchasing GA tickets to the event, or for those who would prefer a more intimate experience, a second ticket option is available in which you may purchase regular GA plus a “Meet N Greet” ticket.

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To prepare yourself for the VOMITSTEP, check out Snails’ third volume of his “SNAILEDIT!” mix set, below.



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