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In a business where remixes are key to reinventing already stellar tracks, Sean Turk took it upon himself to mix “Crossfire” by Stephen. “Crossfire” was the fourth single off Stephen’s debut LP Sincerely which brought the California producer into the spotlight. Since the release of “Crossfire”, it has been streamed around 9 million times on Spotify. It’s no wonder Turk wanted to try his hand at the popular track.

The Original

As Stephen says himself in the caption for the music video, “There is a cultural misconception that tragedies require the assignment of blame. Who’s fault was it? Who’s the bad guy? We only see the aftermath and yet we make up our minds without ever seeing the events leading up.”

This message is evident in his lyrics. His poetic verse says it all:

“Heaven if you sent us down so we could build a playground for the sinners to play as saints, you’d be so proud of what we made. I hope you’ve got some beds around, cause’ you’re the only refuge now. For every mother, for every child, for every brother that’s caught in the crossfire.” 

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What a powerful message. I’m baffled that a twenty-four year old musician has the maturity to write such profound lyrics. You must also take into account, while listening, the mesmerizing beat and the falsetto of his vocals coming together as an unstoppable duo. This is Stephen’s world, and we are just humble spectators here to watch and listen to his art unfold. 

The Remix

The first notable difference you hear in the remix is the addition of subtle sounds like footsteps, a synthesizer and snapping fingers which add a cool complexity of layers. The second difference is the inclusion of a blatant build-up and bass drop that catch your attention and never let it go. This version is commanding and different yet manages to pay its respects to the brilliant vocals and message behind “Crossfire.” When asked about the remix, Sean Turk told us,

“Go after what is off limits. What your peers tell you can’t be done. Proving to yourself that you are capable of doing what has been deemed impossible.”

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