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Despite their delicate fall-outs over the past few years, The Strokes recently reunited to produce a four piece EP Future Present Past. It’s been over three years since the indie rock band has released a new album, leaving fans in anticipation.

The first song on the album, “Drag Queen”, is a sinister chiller, questioning our political system with lyrics such as “selling our water, selling our air,” along with mentioning “profiting from our war,” and ending with breathtaking vocals. “Drag Queens” vibe, unearthly vocals and instrumentals easily set the tone for the EP as we face themes we may not have seen from The Strokes until now.

Watch The Strokes Live @ Governors Ball Below!

The second song, “Oblivious,” brings the same heart-clenching, passionate vocals as “Drag Queen” but with lyrics reaching for younger, original days. Picturesque lyrics taking us on a flashback of “untamed days” themed throughout the song. The fourth release on the EP is a drum remix to “Oblivious,” made by Strokes drummer Fab Moretti.

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The Strokes always use their albums to take us on a journey with love, relationships and now onto questioning “the man” and emotional takes on identity. Art imitating life?Quite possibly. Lead singer Julian Casablancas has never been shy to share his feelings about the band, how it was  “his life” but he didn’t feel the same effort put forth from the other members of the band…

We can see these issues reflected in the third song on  “Threat of Joy,” as Casablancas seems the address the distance between himself and other band members. The singer now co-exists with the band but is also working on separate projects with his band The Voidz.

Future Present Past EP Out Now On Apple Music Here

The Strokes recently headlined at New York’s Governors Ball Music Festival concurrent with their album release. The Strokes will be headlining at several overseas festivals this summer including Splendour In The Grass along with London’s Hyde Park, alongside big names such as Beck, Flume, The Cure, Hermitude and so on.

Overall, Future Present Past takes us on punk rock journey, a sound similar to one produced before their time. This is nothing new to the Strokes, a band which seemed ahead of their time once before. Any coincidence to their album title? You can decide for yourself.

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