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Lil Dicky a.k.a. White Jesus a.k.a. The Independent Variable a.k.a. Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis a.k.a. who you need to throw on your Spotify playlist right now.

If you haven’t heard of David Andrew Burd yet, then Bruh…

Blending a comical and relatable style with crazy smooth flow, Lil Dicky has given a voice to the average dude in rap. Coming from an Upper Middle Class neighborhood right outside of Philadelphia, Dicky is the farthest thing from your modern day rapper, your average White Dude in every way but his talent for rhyme and personality.

In an interview with Boston magazine he said “There just hasn’t been a voice for that normal dude when it comes to rap.” He added, “I think a lot of rap is just escalated to a place that many people can’t relate to… My niche is that I’m relatable. I don’t rap about going to the club and popping bottles.”

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Still relatively new to the scene, only starting his rap career in 2013 with the release of his mix tape “So Hard”, Lil Dicky started as an account manager in an advertising firm out in San Diego; he used his comical creativity to turn his monthly progress report into a rap video. The company then moved him into their creative department and he further used his ability to rap as a way to gain attention comically in order to land jobs as a scriptwriter for movies or TV shows. But once he fell in love with rap he abandoned that dream to continue progressing in the hip-hop industry.

Starting as an independent artist, every week for five months he released a new song or music video. His music video for “Ex-Boyfriend” was his rise to fame, with the video going viral and reaching over a million hits in 24 hours. But he started running low on creative funds. Always tryin to $ave Dat money, he launched a Kickstarter, stating, “I’ve officially run out of money… In a nutshell, you are funding phase two of my rap career.” The goal was $70,000 and his dickheads (what Lil Dicky calls his fans) came through… the Kickstarter raised $113,000. Maybe he’ll buy a new pair of jeans with some of that cash. Or pay Greg back for those month of Netflix he used up…

Self-releasing his first album in 2015 “Professional Rapper” it showed no shortage of talent with featured artists like Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Rich Homie Quan, and Fetty Wap. The bottom line, Lil Dicky can spit and he’s just trying to make you freak. If you’re trying to witness the white jesus in person but you’re not trying to break the bank then make sure you buy your ticket to #FEST before they sell out this April 15th and 16th where he’ll be preforming alongside artists like Fetty wap, Cal Scruby and The Chainsmokers.

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Lil Dicky

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