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Hold up, something’s back alright… but, it’s not the Backstreet Boys. It’s Swedish House Mafia, and rumor has it they’re set for a reunion tour in 2017 according to Proximity.


Three long years we have lived without the mafia of three Swedish men. But behold, the time has finally come for a glorious revival. As many other great artists and bands have come from the dead, it is to suit that Swedish House was to follow. Guns ‘N Roses and LCD Soundsystem are some to name a few. Both denied rumors regarding reunion only to come back with vengeance and better than ever.

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Axwell Λ Ingrosso’s team responded to this speculation in a statement shutting down the potential tour. Is this a ploy to hold off our excitement or could it all be just a dream?

“At this point we’re not planning on reuniting and we have really no further comments on what the future for SHM looks like,” -a rep for Axwell /\ Ingrosso.

Well boo you, too. In addition, Steve Angello has yet to comment on the matter. In case you haven’t figured out, the three muskateers of majorly loved house music are Angello, Axwell and Ingrosso. 

Proximity has a niche for being in the know of the latest and greatest news, releases and updates regarding the music industry. And as they stated, nobody likes a silly little troll! 

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