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Each weekend, residents of Columbus, OH can find Ohio State student, Malik Tuck, tearing up the local music scene. Tuck, also known as DJ Leek, has been making a name for himself in Columbus and throughout the state by preforming at venues such as Park Street Saloon, The Social Room and most recently, #FEST.



Leek, born in Northeastern Ohio, is an open format DJ with a lively sound that keeps your attention. He has been developing his craft since 2011. He cites artists such as DJ AM, DJ EV and DJ Jazzy Jeff as personal influences, but continuously refines the music he makes. In an interview with LBS, Leek said “I would love to try my hand in a bunch of different things and then hopefully mesh them in a way that people would respond positively to. If I had to choose one, I’d say something in the style of Carnage/Diplo.”

Going along with the Carnage and Diplo theme, Leek is beginning to look at producing his own music. “It’s something I’m working towards” he said, “being a student, especially at Ohio State, its a bit difficult at times, but I plan on producing music here shortly.”

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Though there is much excitement on the horizon, DJ Leek admits being an emerging artist can be difficult. He claimed “the hardest part about being an emerging artist/DJ is just finding the will to honestly keep going. There are so many factors that come along the way that make you just want to quit.” Even with all this said, Malik finds strength through his love of athletics. “Being a former athlete though, I’m naturally a competitor, I want to win, so when the odds are against me, that’s what I thrive off of.”

In the up coming years, Leek sees big things in his future and hopes to continue building his momentum. “I had ‘perform at #Fest on my goal list for the spring’ and it happened. I hope to rock out on the main stage in the years to come.”

When you do make it up there, we at The Life Backstage look forward to being in the crowd. We’ll see you there soon.


DJ Leek

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