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There is no doubt that dance music isn’t going anywhere anytime soon; but when looking at the constantly changing sounds of relevant artists, it’s difficult to imagine the sounds of the future. During your summer festival adventures, you might find yourself dancing to the tunes of the latest genre bending act though. Introducing sibling duo Tennyson

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With Luke Tennyson producing and Tess Pretty on the drums, these two have created some of the most non-traditional indie dance music around. The music of Tennyson features everyday sounds like phones off-the-hook, alarm clocks, and the sounds of wildlife along with wonderfully written vocal melodies and hip-hop verses. Tennyson adds in the perfect mix of airy-beats and whimsical drops to create one incredibly feel good set for a wide range of audiences.

You will have a chance to catch these two at Shambhala Music Festival or opening up for M83 on their upcoming North America stops. Otherwise you can stream their latest tracks on SoundCloud and Spotify or check out a clip of their set at The Observatory during this year’s Electric Forest.

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