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There’s nothing quite like having a masked identity. You can do and say as you please with no worry of backlash, simply because you remain anonymous…no personal backlash that is. Ghost producers are dominating the game lately, and I kind of like it. 


To begin, there’s Malaa, a presumed Parisian artist producing fire tracks underneath a black ski mask. Deep house is the ghost producer’s specialty, and I must say he is killing it. Rumor has it, DJ Snake, Mercer, and Tchami have something to do with this producer, but nobody has a solidified lead on that. Malaa releases “Who is Malaa” playlists on sound cloud every so often and I swear they get better each time around. If you can roll with this, check out “Notorious”, “Fade” and “Arsenic” by Malaa, disappointment will NOT follow.


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Secondly, another ghost producer that comes to mind is Marshmello, although he keeps things far from mellow. Marshmello has been burning up the music scene lately and people can’t seem to get enough. Appearing on festival lineups throughout the country and taking over peoples playlists, he’s creating a solid name for himself. His debut tour last year and endless remixes and songs created quite the buzz, and the giant softie has a strong following despite all his ghosting.


Lastly, Zhu started off as a ghost producer capturing the attention of many by his song “Faded.” When asked why he was a “ghost” in the beginning, he mentioned wanting to keep the focus solely on the music, and not the identity behind it. Zhu records vocals on his tracks, so yes that is him you hear in “Faded.” 

In conclusion, these music moguls are ghost producers but that does not necessarily mean seeing them live is out of the question. In addition to cranking out hot new music, all three of these guys have been on tour at some point this year. In an interview with the LA Times, Zhu stated, “Great music always transcends.” To transcend is to go beyond the limits, rather than conforming to the usual; as ghost producers, these three are doing just that.

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