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The Chainsmokers closed out a raucous crowd in Athens, Ohio over the weekend with a set full of smashes. Playing “Roses” and “Kanye” had over 15,000 college coeds on the brink of insanity along with remixes of “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Inside Out”.

What caught the attention backstage, however, was the drop of an unreleased track with working title “We Ain’t Never Getting Older.” It has been confirmed this is an upcoming single, although the title is still a mystery.

The Chainsmokers dropped their unreleased single before Coachella and it’s major.

Posted by The Life Backstage on Sunday, April 17, 2016

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Alex and Drew shared they’d be playing new tracks during The Number Fest, but this highly hyped collab was welcomed by surprise. With The Chainsmokers playing Coachella the next day, live stream here, it looks like the talented twosome were testing out “We Ain’t Never Getting Older” before possibly playing to West Coast attendees.

Consider Ohio University’s unabashedly crazy crowd a “lit”mus test for the track, which the track received, on a scale of one to infinite fire emojis, the maximum amount possible.

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The Chainsmokers

In addition, The Chainsmokers blew out the eardrums of eager twenty-somethings throughout the Venue of Athens with mixes including French Montana’s “Pop That”, Travis Scott’s “Antidote”, GTA’S “Red Lips” and Lucas Graham’s “7 Years Old”.

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