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The Chainsmokers have been on an ambitious release streak, dropping new singles bi-monthly including February’s “Don’t Let Me Down”, a titillating and unexpected trap track with pop singer Daya. The duo hinted at new music via Twitter, sharing the hauntingly beautiful artwork for “Inside Out” for fans below and an ear-pleasing, endearing departure from The Chainsmokers (of original “Selfie” fame).

inside out, the chainsmokers, billboard, new release, rozes, charleeDuring our exclusive interview with them in March, Alex and Drew also spoke on the anticipation of new Chainsmokers bangers before their performance at #Fest. What they didn’t allude to, however, was how this ballad would break the feels barrier for all listening parties with soft, emotional vocalist Charlee and “Notebook” script worthy lyrics like “wanna look at the pieces that make you who you are
I wanna build you up and take you apart”. Prepare to buy and cry for “Inside Out” available now through Spotify and Apple Music.

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The Chainsmokers
“Inside Out” Available Now

The song is no April Fools’ joke, although released on the day of tricks, treats and all-around annoying fake pregnancy and engagement posts on Facebook. It begins with heartfelt intentions of unconditional love over lightly-plucked guitar chords and mild percussion, but builds ultimately into three drops. Although not as club thumping as previous hits like “Roses” or “Good Intentions”, it’s still a banger of a ballad.


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