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The Cristal kingpin of Miami, also known as my personal Champagne Papi, has popped off a new product just in time for Ultra Music Festival (March 18-20). Say hello to my little friend…the Champagne Gun. It’s the non-weapon of choice for club and party goers, VIP frequenters, and probably already in The Slut Whisper‘s shopping cart.

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What is this ingenious invention?

This expensive super soaker ($459) is available in rose gold, gold, and chrome for even the pickiest of partiers. But Brittany, I have a champagne taste on a beer budget…can I fit an Andre bottle in the Champagne Gun? Yes, yes you can. The powerful play toy will hold any Magnum size bottle (1.5 L) and offers three ways to pour and play.

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You can use it for delighting guests in a champagne shower by attaching an included diffuser, display it by the buttstock, or provide a one-of-a-kind experience pouring the beverage with a matching metallic spout.

Who came up with the Champagne Gun?

Jeremy Touitou, who also owns King of Sparklers (a nightclub supply company), is on an all out champagne campaign to spread the word of these fun guns that can double as artful accents during a poolside party or on a VIP table somewhere- club promoters rejoice! The Champagne Gun is manufactured by French company Extra-Night but distributed by the Miami entrepreneur.

I’m about 99 percent sure these will make appearances at festivals, as DJs like Diplo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are known for spraying the bubbly adult beverage on thirsty crowds across the country as well as in every rap video released within the next year. They’re fun, they’re flashy, and they’re the only firearm I’m aware of that will get you faded. Get yours here and you’ll be BYOBing (Blasting Your Own Bottle) within three to five business days.

All media courtesy of KingofSparklers.com.

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