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Wes Walker is a 20 year old from Temple University in Philadelphia with a talent for rapping, production and entrepreneurship. First recognized nationally for his hit single “Jordan Belfort” with producer Dyl, these two are entertainers of all kinds. “Jordan Belfort”, inspired by The Wolf of Wall Street, now has over 14 million plays on SoundCloud and over 17 million plays on Spotify.

Wes started DJing in the only the 7th grade, and learning to produce original tracks on Reason and Ableton Live. His confidence and unique styles easily radiate through his music making him an artist to look out for. He is managed by Kevin Liles of KWL management, is signed to Atlantic records, and personally associates himself with College Weekly, an expression platform that’s all over YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more information, check out Wes Walkers homepage www.weswalker.dj and Dyl’s homepage itslit.org.

See Wes Walker and Dyl tonight in Columbus and tomorrow in Urbana.

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Get your tickets for both shows here.

Wes Walker

Facebook / SoundCloud / Twitter / YouTube

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