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Colorado is known for its beautiful scenery, mild weather, and all around good vibe energy. With a gorgeous and geographically diverse landscape we see a lot of action sports taking place in The Centennial state, but music festivals remain far and few in between. Mad Decent Block Party taking a few stops and Bass Center being located in this lovely state; still leaves a shortage of camping festivals. This is all going to change this August. Madison House, the creators of Electric Forrest are taking their Forest Family and talent to Colorado.

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“Today is the start of something very special in Colorado, and we are excited to honor the approval we have received from the Chaffee County community. Participation in the permitting process, from many voices in the community, have created a true collaboration. We aim for this festival to be a mighty source of Colorado pride.  The setting is stunning, the music will be amazing, and the art will inspire.  At the festival’s core, is a community seeking fun, exploration, and common ground.  This is the inauguration of a magical Summer celebration.” – Jeremy Stein, President of Madison House Presents

August 4th-7th will introduce the first 4 day camping festival on a 274-acre ranch on the West end of Buena Vista. Electric Forrest has seen headliners like G-eazy, Bassnectar, Skrillex, and Tiesto, so this new festival is leaving EDM lovers with high hopes for what Madison house is planning to bring out west.  Keep up with The Life Backstage for more announcements on lineups and other festival information as it’s announced.

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