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With festival season already underway, it seems like a new festival lineup is announced daily. With so many trips and so little time (and funds), we’re reviewing the most expensive music festivals of the bunch, from high-end festival flare to fancy AF, to answer the question – Are they worth it?

Mysteryland USA

June 10-13
Bethel Woods, NY

Ticket: $319 GA + Camping; $549-800 VIP + Camping

If being held on the old Woodstock grounds isn’t enough to peak your interest, this mega festival is backed by ID&T, which means the production value of the festival will be top tier. The sound and visual experience will be not only impressive, but top notch vs. other smaller, less expensive festivals.

The festival “Holy Ground” campground is 21+, which always keeps things a little lower key and anyone under 21 will have to camp off-site. For the attendee with a big budget, thie festival also offers pre-existing easy tents and an ultra glamping “Bird’s Nest” where all you need to bring is your clothing.

While the ticket price may seem a little steep, Mysteryland’s lineup is arguably one of the best of the summer. Odesza, Skrillex, and Bassnectar are headlining the weekend. The lineup is rounded out with other cant miss artists: Griz, Zed’s Dead, The Chainsmokers, Gramatik, The Floozies and Keys and Krates, just to name a few. Mysteryland is also bringing something new with a comedy tent this year to give festival goers something different during the day.

The lineup and ambiance will compensate for the pricier purchase. If your festy crew can swing it, don’t sleep on this!

Final Answer: WORTH IT.


10415608_10152406137671877_3565994044471189904_nJune 17-19
Las Vegas, NV

Tickets: $390 GA; $700 VIP
Vegas Hotels: $100-400/night (depending on location)

Brought to you by Insomniac, this is the flagship festival of the EDC trio. Not only is this festival’s production larger than life, but also being apart of the entire EDC weekend in Vegas is a unique experience itself.

EDC’s resident ringleader Pasquale Rotella ensures that the main stage is not only new and exciting, but is also a work of art. The festival runs from sundown to sunrise. This helps “Headliners” – what EDC calls its attendees – avoid being in the sun all day on the hot pavement of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It also feels more mystical and electrifying at night under all the lights.

Apart from the festival, being in Las Vegas for the weekend brings the excitement level up a notch. There are pool parties hosted by major DJ’s at all the most popular day clubs, along with the club shows at night. The options are endless and people can mix and match the experience they want to have.

The major low point of EDC is that there is only one road in and one road out essentially making transportation after the festival a nightmare. Unless you have the flow to helicopter in and out, expect to not get back to your hotels until 8 AM.

The ticket price is high and you will undoubtedly spend some serious cash in Vegas—but IT’S VEGAS; where everything is bigger, better, cooler and shinier. My boyfriend and I were able to luck into all-access artist wristbands and ended up meeting some of our favorite DJS resulting in a more than magical (and worth it) experience.

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Electric Forest

June 23-25
Rothbury, MI

Tickets: $297 GA, $600+ VIP

Another Insomniac-produced festival, but Electric Forest is in another league. Bright lights and owls guide your way through the forest, making you feel like you are in a land far away. It’s the original atmospheric camp-friendly festival.

Electric Forest originally started by the String Cheese Incident as “their” festival, but has gained a cult-like following with good reason. The lineup is always amazing and their plug-in programs this year have really added that something “extra” that you don’t really mind dropping the cash.

When I attended in 2012, the post-show parties on campgrounds were some of the best times I’ve had. It wasn’t even a sell-out then…Now, it is one of the most popular festivals of the season which, in turn, makes it also one of the most expensive. GA tickets are priced similarly to others in the article to be fair, but re-sells have been going for two to three times the original cost. So not cool!

On a scale of low-budget to most expensive music festival, EF is like a mild 2.5 stars (compared to what’s coming up, read below).

Final Answer: GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY (and scalpers, quit robbing us blind)!

The Secret Solstice Festival

Secret_Solstice_2015_Secret_Solstice - 16

June 19 – 21
Reykjavik, Iceland

Tickets: $170 USD…. With varying tiers up to 1,000,000

This is the ultimate, literal most expensive festival, for ballers and babes of ballers (or girl bosses)! A casual $200,000 will get you the “Ultimate Festival Pass”. What do you get with this pass? ALL THE THINGS.

First class return flights, a luxury five bedroom villa for seven nights, personal assistants, a private car service and driver on-call 24/7, private 100ft yacht party and helicopter transfers anywhere your heart desires. To top it all off, this pass includes an exclusive and inmate show by one of the headlining acts inside an Icelandic volcano. Yeah, you read that right – getting turnt inside a volcano with at least one of your childhood rock heroes.

Nothing but champagne to drink and the dress code is obviously diamonds and fur. Worth it? Yes. 100%. You could probably just die happy after attending this festival.

Final Answer: IT’S TOTALLY ABSURD SO NO, UNLESS YOU’VE GOT THE BANKROLL TO BACK IT UP. If so, call me, I’ll definitely be your + 1.


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