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#FEST, the nation’s largest college music festival, is finally here. We’ve counted down the days since last year’s ended. We’re bringing a killer lineup to the city of Athens this weekend, and you don’t want to be the only one not talking about it. Here’s a breakdown of what #FEST attendees will probably be experiencing, versus what the festival nay-sayers and non-goers might be doing instead.

Cool shit #FESTers are doing Boring shit non-#FESTers are doing
Mud wrestling with their festie bestie Wrestling with their boss to take lunch break an hour later than normal.
Seeing Fetty Wap and The Chainsmokers right in front of their faces — up close and personal Sitting on their couch watching old music festivals on MTV Live and drinking last weekend’s beer
Meeting people and making new friends Having a drink at the empty bars in Athens with some townies
Sliding down a muddy Slip’N Slide Sliding into their co-worker’s DMs
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Getting wild to live music at #FEST  “These Beats headphones are OK, I guess…” Camping out in a tent with some cool friends Staying in bed with their dog Taking pictures of #FEST shenanigans with all their friends Selfie? Feeling the bass drop Feeling their heart drop because of FOMO (fear of missing out)  “Can’t wait for next year!” *sigh* “Maybe next year”

Watch us rage via live stream on the Life Backstage Facebook page or tweeting tons of VIP pics with your favorite artists.

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