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Nothing to something, but it didn’t just happen over night. It has taken years and a handful of badass women to help build the sense of empowerment that we [women] hold today. It’s easy to get down to a nice bass drop, but there’s something about the incorporation of woman vocals with a melodic set of lyrics that get the vibes going.

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Trending DJs like The Chainsmokers, Adventure Club, Vanic, Sound Remedy, Louis The Child and many more have collaborated with strong female singers- it’s what the people want now a days! If not involved in an original, woman originated singles are always cut, evolved and pasted into a new, sometimes better, mix that fans die for.

Some crazy talented artists like Rozes, Niykee Heaton, Daya, K. Flay, Alina Baraz and Tove Lo have taken over, changed the world of music and have been the talk around town, lately. Check out this female heavy playlist- totally killing the EDM game:

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