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The Sleeping Sounds are a Cleveland-based group, but maybe not for much longer. Ohio natives Zach Daniels (vocals), Anthony Lauletta (guitar/keys) and Mike LaSpina (guitar/keys) released their EP “Desire” on Friday: a compilation of four songs that casted a dreamy spell over fans and media outlets. All you “The 1975” fans who aren’t afraid to jam out 80s style are going to want to give it a spin.

Read below for the exclusive Life Backstage interview with the guys of The Sleeping Sounds on everything from their biggest inspirations to how they stunt on haters. Spotify stream of their music is at the very end! 

LBS: As a newer band it can be both frightening and refreshing to jump into the uncharted waters of creating your sound. How have your past experiences as musicians helped you to create the dreamy feel that your music embodies? 

Anthony: The way that everything sort of sounds and the way we come together and create our music is kind of a response to our maturity as people. I know we’ve all played in bands over the years. Me personally, I’ve listened to CHIC and Prince and Earth, Wind & Fire. That’s kind of where I get a lot of my inspiration is all of those artists as well as that culture and I know when we create music, a lot of it tends to come from that.

LBS: Along with that, how have current trends helped you to expand your horizons as artists?

Mike: We just want to be as real as possible and we want to incorporate our generation’s sound, but also so that it’s a little less than perfect. Touching on EDM and Indie, we try to incorporate both but also we just want to incorporate the sound of our emotion.

LBS: Your first release “Figure It Out” garnered thousands of views on Youtube within the short time you released it and had tons of positive press. You have said that the intention behind your song related to the dichotomy between a high ego and low self-esteem, and that you hope a particular individual figures “it” out. Can you expand on that?

Anthony: I think that song is kind of an all-encompassing theme as a band that I put out there with who we are as people and what we are trying to express and convey to our fans. “Figure It Out” is kind of a response to a story that went on with me with this girl who I knew who was going through a rough time. It’s about leveraging those experiences and just kind of figuring it out. Overall, that sound is about figuring it out…and like Mike said, keeping it as real as possible.

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LBS: Going along with the idea of escapism through your music that you’ve emphasized…To some people, it may seem as though the only true way to escape is by sleeping, thus the sleeping sounds. Just as dreams do, your EP “Desire” which was released at midnight on Friday tells a fiery but almost tragic love story with a plot twist of a happy ending. 

Is this particular love chapter of your story closing or do you see yourselves building upon it in the near future?  

Zach: I think that just the concept of love in general is something that is so complex that no matter what chapter I am in my life, love is going to always be this very eerie, mysterious concept. I embrace that because love and emotion kind of really give me the lyrical inspiration of our music. I never look at love as good or bad. I kind of look at it as a balance.

LBS: The group name also came from the desire (no pun intended) to give people a moment of bliss where they can break free of what might be binding them. That is such an important concept especially with the chaos going on in the modern world.

Can you tell us about an “aha” moment, maybe even in terms of your humble beginnings, where you felt that blissfulness yourselves and really knew the direction you wanted to take this band?

Zach: I think that moment came to us when Anthony, I, and Mike decided to rekindle. We kind of separated for a while because of life experiences and I was going to college. We had this idea that we wanted to create new sound, so the following summer, I got in contact with Anthony and he showed me some of his demos. We looked at each other and said, “We really need to do this.” We felt that moment of synchronization and being on the same level and feeling inclined to create this new art. We literally wrote that song in Anthony’s room and it took us like a day and we knew we had something really special. When we were recording the video for “Figure It Out,” that was the most blissful moment for me. I just remember closing my eyes and thinking, “I’m going to take a mental image of this and I want to remember it forever.”


Featured Photo: Lily McLaughlin

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