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Oculus, made available to ship Monday, March 28, is a kick-in-the-pants Kickstarter fund that literally will get you out of your seat and into any venue you desire. Forget jumping the fence or going all “No Cameras Allowed” on the scene, Oculus is making virtual reality just reality.

The Oculus is one of three virtual reality systems being released and is offering a “desktop PC bundle” with a Windows monitor, keyboard and mouse for a cool $1,499 on Amazon, Best Buy and the Microsoft Store which includes free shipping. For your money, you’ll not only dive into a world of gaming and video shorts…you’ll also become privy to the most exhilarating 360 degree events. DJ Hardwell, for instance, recently released his Miami Music Week performance at Nikki Beach to the virtually equipped.

A stunning display of sound, lights and general fandemonium sounds pretty damn cool if you ask me. If you’re not sold on the set of other-worldly specs, named the “Oculus Rift”, here is further proof virtual reality is changing the way we see (and experience) music.

An Immersed Music Video Experience

The opportunity to offer one-of-a-kind content is something of which artists and audiences can both benefit. Whether it’s providing content solely to Oculus Riff owners, with a subscription fee to come I’m sure, like Bjork is doing with her soon-to-be released track “Stonemilker” or involving fans in a super intimate setting on the set of a music video, the Oculus will change the worn-out music video experience.

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Imagine being a part of a Waka Flocka Flame video going HAM on the trigger of a champagne gun or seeing Coldplay front man Chris Martin singing inches away from your face…it’s all too real and yet can’t come quickly enough.

Oculus: A Music Maker’s Dream

Pensato is a virtual reality interface developed by a music maker and Victoria University major, Byron Mallet. He’s basically figured out how to control instruments, trigger sound clips and manipulate effects with his own hands and a pair of micro-controlled gloves.  Consider it Guitar Hero all-grown up. A laptop runs Ableton Live 9 and is connected to each copy of Pensato. It turns the popular music production suite into an interaction between content and creator. Maestro please!

While also available on its own for $599, the Rift model is only compatible with a high-end gaming system running on a platform like Asus. It may not be the end-all-be-all of virtual reality but it’s certainly an impressive start. I mean, seeing a festival as epic as Ultra in my living room (sans cramming my winter bod into a barely-covering bodysuit) sounds like a fantastic alternative.

The Life Backstage

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