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Thomas Jack is a house-hold name in one of America’s favorite EDM sub-genres Tropical House. His SoundCloud mixes have introduced to the world amazing artists like Kygo, Klingande, Bakermat, Robin Schulz, and Felix Jaehn. His latest original, “Rivers”, debuted on the extremely well-respected BBC Radio 1 with long-time dance music pioneer DJ Pete Tong.

We’re like rivers in the night
I go left and you go right
We’ll find on the other side
Who we are, who we are
Wish me luck and give me hope
Give me sunlight to my day
Turn it into gold
Carry on, carry on

Thomas Jack, one of the forefathers of the Tropical House movement who makes some of the happiest tracks in dance music has sadly grown tired of the genre.

“Tropical house was two years ago, y’know?” Jack tells Jemayel Khawaja of Vice’s amazing music publication NOISEY. “Then a lot people started copying off it and started changing the style of it. People would go grabbing, like, 90’s pop songs and putting fuckin’ flutes over them; it became so annoying that I’m over it and I don’t even wanna do it anymore.”

“This genre has impacted on commercial radio. This time next year, tropical house will not be the same. I wanna still hold my name as an artist and not become way, way, way commercial. I don’t wanna be limited to the name of a genre.”

“I just wanna be Thomas Jack and do my thing,” he says. “I fear that, in a year, I’m gonna be jammed in this corner. And everyone’s gonna know me as just that.”

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“It’s hard when you have a record label pressuring you to do stuff. It’s like trying to figure out the balance between what I wanna do and the radio side.”

“The new stuff I’m making now is very Burning Man orientated, but still has my happiness vibe. I went this year. It was a transcendental experience. We were raging, dude. I played a fair few sets. When the sun was setting, everyone was up on these huge, industrial crates. I remember dropping Booka Shade. It was dope, man. That gave me a lot of new inspiration.”

“I want to challenge people’s expectations of me. I’m more than capable of doing other stuff.”

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Thomas Jack

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