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Although only six tracks into the game, Tides is an eclectic duo about to crest on the career they’ve been working for all their lives.

“Dan and I met at the Grammy Camp in 2009, when we were both still in high school,” said Innocent, vocalist and one-half of Tides. “We’ve kept in touch the past seven years… always bouncing ideas off each other. In 2015, it happened to be the right place right one type of situation and we finally were able to partner up. From there, Tides was born.”

The indie R&B team of Innocent Tswamuno and Dan Song, on guitar, combine happy-go-lucky elements of electronica with a soulfulness reminiscent of 90’s R&B into one refreshing sound. Their first song, “Call Me”, debuted only one month ago with each release more impressive than the last. Their latest, “What We Like” is the most infectious; it’s the perfect start to a morning playlist.

With a sound so smooth it seems as if the dynamic duo is actually coasting through calm waters in an otherwise treacherous ocean of an industry. However, the struggle of living not only in separate states but opposite coasts has caused these budding bi-coastal artists to become uber creative in their process.

“The physical distance between us is honestly the main obstacle,” shared Twsamuno, who lives in NYC while his partner calls Los Angeles home. “But it’s amazing how our quickly our ideas can flow when we’re in the same room together…as opposed to trying to do over Skype of Dropbox.”

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Tides has a Bruno Mars meets Anderson .Paak vibe, that effortless vibe formulated from sheer authenticity sprinkled with skill and swag which is definitely heard in “What We Like”. But then, the two get a little sexy on the soul-injected “Responsible” which is the modern gentleman’s Marvin Gaye track perfect for that “about to go down” moment.

What we found most interesting while pursuing through their short discography is the presence of the native language of Shona sung on “Devoted” by the Zimbabwe-born vocalist. While the Tides sound is highly influenced by outside sources, it remains pure and delightfully vulnerable in its newness. 

The two told Life Backstage their influences range from artists of past and present. While they have mad respect for Pharrell Williams they also look towards the soulful, slow jams from D’angelo and the smooth operator himself, John Mayer.

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Tides: The New Wave of Indie R&B
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