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Set to infect July 15, “Infected” is the collaboration between Tiesto and Jauz that’s unexpected yet everything we’ve ever wanted from the duo.

It’s heavier than typical Tiesto, who is releasing the track on his label Musical Freedom. The pair created a buzzy bassline with booming male vocals on top, but it’s also not to machinist for mainstream play. It’s giving us a Quintino “Rock It To The Beat” vibe; do you guys agree? Except add-in the dubstep driven sound of one quickly emergent bass artist and the expertise of the longtime Dutch DJ and producer.

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We’re more than anxious to hear “Infected” in full, out Friday from the progressive house legend himself who has been all over airwaves with “The Right Song”. Jauz is becoming an unstoppable force as well, adding Tiesto to his growing #sharksquad.

Read more about Jauz’s importance to the EDM community here

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