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Summer is finally here, and with it, festival season will conquer the American Rave Scene. For example, over 80,000 people gathered outside of Citi Field, in Corona, New York, for the Electric Daisy Carnival’s New York soiree of sound. Though Las Vegas is the bigger event, coming soon, EDC NY triumphed and brought an interesting array of artists to the Big Apple. Here were the top five sets I witnessed whilst under the electric sky…

5. Madeon

Hugo Pierre Leclercq comes on stage to follow Marshmello at the Cosmic Meadow. I see 3/4 of the crowd leave to go see another artist as I make my way closer to the stage. Madeon then begins to bring one of the coolest collections of beats I’ve ever witnessed. He brought trance, dubstep and house to a climax by dropping the track “Innoncence” and igniting fireworks simultaneously; a definite highlight. Take a listen.

4. Zedd

The “True Colors” pioneer is back and better than ever. His mesmerizing set following Madeon brought mystifying “Clarity” to the Cosmic Meadow. I did not want this set to end it was that good. While DJ Snake was busy at the Kinetic Field, Zedd laid down every possible track he could over an hour and fifteen minutes. If you ever get the opportunity to see Zedd live, my words of advice, DO IT!

3. HeRobust

The undeniable king of filth emerged during his set at the Neon Garden. One of my best friends told me, prior from my departure to New York, “Luke, no matter what, you have to see HeRobust’s set!” She was right. His strategic placement of grimy, filthy drops ensued hard-hitting excellence. The crowd was wild, the bass was bumping and the vibes were golden. Check out a few seconds of HeRobust’s set below.

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2. Seven Lions

One of my favorite DJs of all time, Seven Lions is having a HUGE summer with his release of a new EP “Creation,” an excellent display of spiritual trance and psychedelic wonder. Seven Lions played the Cosmic Meadow opposite Eric Prydz and brought feeling, want and a need to perform.

1. Tie: Marshmello and Excision

From Jack Ü to Calvin Harris, Marshmello took the time to drop as many tracks as he could. Yes, he kept it mello with the tracks off the first LP “Joytime,” such as “Know Me,” “Keep It Mello,” “Want U 2,” and “Summer.” Be this as it may, the identity of Marshmello continues to be speculated. His anonymous identity adds to his demure. His newest release, “Alone,” dropped right after his EDC NY set, and brings an interesting sound to his already eclectic surroundings. And, with that, Marshmello ruled the Cosmic Meadow. So, a king also needs a squire as he rules, and Slushii made the perfect choice. If you don’t believe me, give his set a listen:

Now, just so all of my readers are aware, I’m a headbanger until the day I die. Give me a filthy Excision set, and I’ll be front row throwing myself over the rail. I left Kaskade and Dillon Francis’s respective sets halfway through to show the EDCNY crowd that I was triple X-rated. And, boy, did I ever. This was the single best Excision set I’ve ever witnessed. The lasers were unparalleled. I have witnessed the Executioner Tour, the Paradox Tour and now a heightened, hyphy EDC set. Jeff Abel never ceases to bring it.

What were your favorite sets at EDC NY? Tweet us the best of the best!




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