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In 2015, words like “basic” and “fleek” took over. Hip-Hop slang has since leveled up within modern music and pop culture. Though most of these are highly used, plenty idioms and slang phrases exercised in today’s Hip-Hop don’t make sense at the dinner table. If you have not heard of these before, familiarize yourself and introduce your friends to 2016’s hip-hop slang…now explained.

savage slang


Savage is one term with multiple meanings depending on the usage. (Adjective) An act that is either hardcore, badass, cool, crazy, or insane; depending on your vocabulary. (Noun) A person who often displays savage behavior according to the previous definition. Savage is either a situation or person that does not acknowledge the consequences of actions. There’s also a rapper that lives up to the definitions, 21 Savage.

Person 1: “Who was better Mike Tyson or Muhammed Ali.”
Person 2: “That’s hard to say, Tyson was a straight savage.”


Hip Hop Slang Plug Meme


Outside of what one might immediately think, this has nothing to do with electrical outlets. Hip-Hop has had this one for a while now. Artists like Plies, Future and Drake have made entire tracks dedicated to the term, “Ran Off On The Plug Twice” and “I’m The Plug” respectively. Simply put, a plug is the supplier/connect/provider for all of the…. goods that you might need. More often than not, this is for a larger amount of said goods.

Person 1: “You got anything? I’m trying to smoke.”

Person 2: “Nah bro, but the plug is close. We can grab some.”Lit

Being “lit” means the event or situation is beyond rowdy, fun, or somewhere you should be. The term can be used to describe everything and anything and is now being slightly  abused. We foresee this slang to be gone by the end of summer and replaced with the following (see below).

Person 1: “Did you go to that party last night.”

Person 2: “Oh yeah. It was lit and so was I.”

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This one has a massive array of definitions, especially in New York. This is a way of describing something in a positive aspect, popularized by rapper Max B. “Wavy” is used from a good looking person, to a new outfit, to great products of any industry as well as when in an intoxicated state. It means “tight”, “chill”, “of the future.” The intoxication definition is used when noticeably under the influence but still having a great experience.

Person 1: “You know I’m wavy and Max invented the wave.”


To press a piece of cannabis extract known as Butane Hash Oil against a heated surface of an oil rig pipe and inhale the smoke. These extracts have up to 90% THC levels. Also, it is a dance move. Shown by giving a sharp nod to your raised forearm. Dancing with sharp nods repeatedly is to ‘dab on those fools’ or to acknowledge, agree upon assertion of dominance.

Person 1: “We should take a dab before we leave.”
Person 2: “Sure, and when we get there I’m gonna start dabbing on everybody.”



Originating in Chicago, it is an art of persuasion or trickery in which an individual is able to get something they want with the cunning prowess of an illusionist or wizard. Also, it means something that is done with ease as if second nature.

*Salesman successfully sells an item at a price higher than retail.*
Person 1: “Man Kyle, how did you let him finesse you like that?”

Trap KidTRAP

Ok, the ‘trap’ and to ‘trap’ both revolve around the same central idea; fast money based sales. To ‘trap’ is the act of making money by selling goods. Common areas are busy street corners, apartment complexes, homes, a bando and mostly any common place with large gatherings of people.

Person 1: “The homie made good money trapping all day.”
Person 2: “Well thats great for him, I’m applying to schools so I get up out the trap.”

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