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Guys, I have to come clean about something…I’m pro-thief. I love everything about it from the concept to the execution. It’s been widely popularized over the past month, and I’m ready to explore more. This is not an illegal act (only a crime of passion); I’m obsessed with Ookay’s “Thief.” Gotcha.

Horrible jokes aside, the burner of a banger has become my go-to summer song. From its playful lyrics including the phrase “selfish ghost” (been there, dated that am I right?) to that oh-so sexy sax…Ookay’s festival anthem could not get any better. But wait, it has.

Yes there are a ton of below average remixes of “Thief”, too many chopped-and-screwed attempts at dubstep to count; however there are also some gems. Four to be exact.


This has our office’s heart, as most Slushii remixes do. It changes the upbeat anthem with trap elements and a quick-to-snap-back snare along with a chorus that completely flips the smooth sax into a snake charmer’s dream (or Sean Paul, same difference). 


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Florals takes a traditional approach to their remix of “Thief” by starting out similarly to the original. However, about 30 seconds in finger snapping begins followed by an atmospheric change of chorus similar sounding to Flume’s more mainstream tracks. 


This is another fan favorite, with a warped vocal warm-up followed by what first sounds to be a skip in the track right when the saxophone comes in. It’s sped up, flipped upside down, yet still gives listeners all the feels. 


Breakaway Fest artist Zaxx, an up-and-coming on the EDM scene, uses “Thief” as an opportunity to really catapulte himself into the mix of remixers to watch. His sped up remix makes Ookay’s latest sound like Alvin And The Chipmunks (in the best way possible). It’s catchy and quick and we love it. 

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