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Chicago-to-LA’s Trentino is one hell of a turntablist turned producer. His new Craig David (of “Fill Me In” fame) remix is hot, but it’s certainly not the only thing he has done worth talking about.

He and partner Maple Syrup teamed up for a sweet re-work of T-Wayne that brings a future bass vibe to the swagged-out first line of “Nasty Freestyle”. Immediate recognition that this sample would be a hit to future-loving ears boasts just one thing he does well: knowing what people want to hear.

The same charisma that makes the Red Bull Thre3Style U.S. Champion insane behind the decks permeates through his productions, making them infectiously happy, upbeat, and just pretty f’ing cool. This Lupe Fiasco future house  flip is tight:

Another original track of his you’ve got to get on is a brilliant club-bouncer dubbed “Bitch”. Sampled from everyone’s favorite TV show Breaking Bad, he genuisly made Jesse Pinkman’s notorious line into a dance floor destroyer. You will be shocked at how Trentino’s professional finesse of the repeated expletive awakens the dance floor and gets everyone smilin’ and groovin’.

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[Free Download via ToneDen]

Also on his long list of commendations is master turntablist. The 2013 Red Bull Thre3Style U.S. Champion, Trentino can mix, finger drum, and flip-and-turn a record in ways my words can’t do justice. You have got to watch this man work the tables better than anyone in the U.S. here.



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