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TroyBoi is one of my favorite underground producers. Hailing from London, he is always experimental, cutting-edge, and a stalwart of forward-thinking beats. His latest, dubbed “Remember”, comes to us from EDM.com’s future beats collective Hegemon. 8 days ago he released an original mix entitled “And Wot?” as his his debut on Parlophone Records, a Warner Music Group company. With a more Deep House than Trap feel, it’s awesome to see his versatility.

“ili” (“I Like It”) is also a must-hear TroyBoi:

His collab with DJ Craze entitled “Baby Gurl” is worth a listen as well:

He appeared on Diplo & Friends a year ago; a gold standard platform for finding the next hottest thing:

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And has collabed with Diplo and Nina Sky on this Mad Decent banger:

His Elysian Records release “Dimensions” is also pretty tight:



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