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Two weekend music festivals are becoming increasingly popular, and we’re all about it (for the most part).

Electric Forest first announced that they are following in Coachella’s footsteps and introducing a second weekend in 2017. Coachella began following the trend of two weekend music festivals in 2012. The West Coast festival’s founder and producer Paul Tollett told Billboard that his decision to do so was to “create more room” for fans due to the high demand to attend. A smart tactic, indeed. Austin City Limits, Jazz Fest, and Milwaukee Summerfest are also two weekend music festivals.

Electric Forest’s website states “the capacity for each weekend will be reduced by approximately 10% from 2016.” Festival organizers debated to simply expand the venue, but they didn’t want to take away from The Forest’s intimate nature.

But of course, the idea of a two weekend music festival can’t be perfect. We laid out the pros and cons so you can make the decision whether or not to attend one or both weekends of your favorite music festival.

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  • Allows for more people to attend, keeping the festival:
    • More intimate
    • Less crowded
  • If you can’t attend one weekend, you can just go the next!
  • Two weekends, more music. What more can you ask for?
  • If you really enjoyed an artist’s set, you can see it again the next weekend!


  • Not every artist will be there both weekends
  • No two sets will be exactly the same (they never are)
  • Having to decide which weekend to attend
  • Although you can buy tickets for both weekends (more expensive), you’re required to leave the festival grounds in between. A major con if you don’t live in the area.

Do you love or hate the idea of two weekend music festivals? Drop us a comment or shoot us a Tweet @Life_Back_Stage.

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