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The black restriction tape could stop me from jumping on stage, but could not restrain my love, happiness and good vibes throughout the night. Vanic absolutely killed it at Dahlia Tuesday night.

Opening up was Dahlia’s DJ, Corrupt. His set list was a superb variety of remixes and currently hot and trending songs like The Chainsmoker’s “Roses” and a personal favorite of mine, Mako’s “Smoke Filled Room”. It was the perfect pregame that got everyone moving, on their toes and hands in the air.

Confetti shot from the sky as “Hypnotic” bounced from wall to wall. It didn’t take long after Vanic hit the stage before cries for “Circles” came to the surface-I am guilty of being one of those people. Fortunately, the Canadian native didn’t disappoint and satisfied everyone by rocking his Machineheart collaborated song. He even went the extra mile and dropped some new remixes that he finished just the day before. Even though we had to wait until the end to rage to “Cops” ft. the vocals of K.Flay, we knew it was coming sooner or later-nice attempt at trying to end the show before playing that one, Vanic. The set was brought to a perfect end that left people smiling from ear to ear.

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Happy to say almost every song on my Vanic playlist was played. The show up was more than expected, but Dahlia did a great job of fitting people in. It was only about half way through DJ Corrupt’s set until security guards started the process of moving chairs to maximize the space. There has been only positive feedback from the show. Thank you, Vanic! Columbus enjoyed partying with you!


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