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The Wakaan family, ran by extraterrestrial force Liquid Stranger, has just ended the Summer in a big way. A 16-track compilation titled Meanwhile… was released featuring 20+ Wakaan artists. The Wakaan Record Label values free-form electronic music, which is what the compilation commemorates. The manager for the record label gave us his insight as to what free-form electronic music really means.

“We believe that true free form electronic music should not be defined into something concrete. That is why we refer to it as ‘free form’. Lots of the music we have put out blends together multiple genres and styles and we feel, shouldn’t necessarily be boxed into one ‘genre’.”

He also goes on to mention that a lot of listeners have begun categorizing this music form as ‘weird bass’. Even though it’s something I have used to define certain sounds in the past, categorizing is the exact opposite of what the label aims to achieve.

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“As soon as you start to define these tunes into genres, it puts a precedent on what the listener is hearing. Instead, we would much rather let the music speak for itself.”

If your taste is anywhere similar to mine: knowing that up-and-coming talent like Bleep Bloop, Yheti, Space Jesus, Proko, Sayer, Esseks, and Shlump are just a few of the featured artists on the release probably makes you want to stop reading this so you can go listen. So stop wasting time! The compilation is also available for free download.


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