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Although not officially released until early October, GTA’s pending album Good Times Ahead is impressive…or atleast the few tracks we’ve heard off it. We’ve been blasting “Get It All”, the Wax Motif collab with super sexy overtones, in our office on the reg and now there’s this…

“Little Bit Of This” is a GTA collaboration with Vince Staples off the 10-track Good Times Ahead which offers an ominous tone with the usual amount of turn up the trappy duo provide. Staples, a Long Island rapper, commands viewers’ attention in the video with no GTA in sight. It’s an overtly faded out aesthetic featuring not much more than old cars attempting “car commercial level tricks” in an abandoned parking lot. 

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The question is: are these car drivers part of Vince’s crew or are they sharks circling around the bait? We’ll leave it up to you to decide what it all means but take a look then pre-order Good Times Ahead below.

GTA’s Good Times Ahead Tour Info Click Here

Pre-order their latest album (available everywhere 10/7) on iTunes

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