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Artists of all genres have showed up in force to pay tribute to the recently deceased Prince, who died April 21 at the too-young-too-soon age of 57. “Purple Rain” has been the song of choice for most of the musicians, including country artist James Otto.

The extremely talented, yet under appreciated, vocalist gave a minimal, heartfelt rendition of one of Prince’s most popular songs. The bare-bones cover Otto shared on the Big D and Bubba radio show was a great example of his vocal range and ability to resonate through the airwaves.

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James Otto has most recently been touring through the United States while promoting his new single, “Somewhere Tonight”, released through Blaster Records. Though the versatile voice of this country star took a break to reinvigorate and relax, it is back and bluesier than ever. 

The singer of “Just Got Started Lovin’ You” notability has joined other artists such as Darius Rucker and Chris Stapleton in expressing their emotions towards the death of Prince, who was found dead in his Minneapolis home last week. Check back with the Life Backstage for updates on Prince, from how his sound influenced 21st Century artists to ways others are paying tribute.

James Otto
Prince Tribute

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