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Every time I go to a festival, I see (and hear) more of the hype man than the actual artist headlining. Hype men, if you’re not familiar, are the ones at the front of the stage yelling into the mic to grow momentum with the crowd. Common phrases will include “1, 2, 3, 4” and “everybody f*cking jump.”

Why? I don’t understand the need for these hype men come from, as if the music alone is not enough? When I see an artist on the bill, I fully expect to see a show put on by them, not some loud announcer basically interrupting the songs I paid money to hear. Is that too much to ask?

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What do you think about hype men? Overhyped or right on?

Prime example: Last year I went and saw Bro Safari on his Animal House Tour at a venue in Michigan. I fully expected a night full of trap and dirty beats, but to my surprise I spent my night starring up at the hype man who constantly was shouting into the mic. It completely took away from enjoying the actual show, half the time I listened to him speak instead of the actual tracks being played.

Of course, I love Bro Safari don’t get me wrong and the show was lit, but maybe the bigger picture of a problem is a crowd not hyped enough on its own. Why do you need someone to tell you when the drop will take place? Why do you need someone to explain its time to trap clap? We need some introspection, festival friends and pro-concert goers, and ask if it’s the hype men we’re mad at…our ourselves. Thoughts?

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