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The perks

perks, VIP wristband, free tickets, coachella, volunteers

The majority of people are initially enticed to volunteer at a music festival because most positions offer free passes for the weekend. We all know festivals, especially the big ones, can require quit a bit of budget planning. When funds aren’t available for a fest you’ve been dreaming of going to, working a couple shifts in exchange for free entrance is a great trade-off.

Other specific positions even allow the individual to get a chance to see what takes place behind the scenes. Kelsey Padavana has volunteered for the last 3 years at Electric Forest and this past year she got the opportunity to work in VIP.

“I also loved getting to see the back stage stuff. I got to work in VIP last year and the guy in charge of VIP told us a lot and let us see a lot of the background that others don’t see.” – Padavana

The Community

community, connections, new friends, bonding, volunteers

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While free wristbands and backstage access are big benefits, making meaningful connections with other volunteers is also awesome (and priceless). A lot of music festival volunteers mention that being able to interact with different people from all over the country is not only exciting, but enlightening. It’s easy to make new friends with other festival workers and some formed friendships can last a lifetime. Groups make plans to attend future festivals together and organize to volunteer together in the future.

“I have now volunteered at the last 3 Electric Forests. I love it every year. The thing I have gained most is friendships. There are people I meet up with at other festivals or every year at forest.” – Padavana

The Intrinsic Reward

Star Team, Moonrise, Volunteer

An intrinsic reward is an outcome that gives someone personal satisfaction from doing a task they find meaningful. In other terms, most people feel good after working a music festival. Whether their satisfaction comes from meeting diverse people or being able to give back to a passionate community, volunteers have a desire to find value in their experience.

One exemplary volunteer team that benefits from intrinsic rewards is Moonrise festival’s Star Team. After attending Moonrise for my first time last year, I was highly impressed by the volunteers in orange shirts working tirelessly to keep attendees hydrated in hot conditions. It was heart-warming to see such a simple concept being implemented that benefits everyone involved.

If acquiring free tickets, making new friends, and participating in the music festival community sounds good to you there are still many festivals that need your help. Here’s a comprehensive and stacked schedule from That Drop of upcoming festivals for the remainder of the year. Click on the links provided or visit the festival’s website to apply for a volunteer position.

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