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Kid Cudi has been in the game for 8 years, and in that time he has influenced hip hop music and styles significantly, and also rubbed a few people the wrong way in doing so. But a man that has made music for this long definitely has a fan base that supports him no matter what. These are a few of the Pros and Cons of being a Kid Cudi fan, because journeys to the moon don’t come without turbulence.

Pro: He makes incredible hooks

“Only good for a hook, huh? Let me show you flows,” he said on “Cold Blooded,” from the 2013 album Indicud. Kid Cudi has sung hooks for everyone from T.I. to Big Boi, but his collaborations with Kanye West completely outnumber them all. 808s & Heartbreak, the Good Fridays releases, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezus and The Life of Pablo all feature Cudi on a hook or as a songwriter, so you can kind of understand where he’s coming from. Not many people know Cudi for his rapping, and this is probably why.

Con: His relationship with Kanye is constantly up and down

One minute Cudi feels like he’s not getting his just due, and the next minute you can find him on West’s latest project. He just made up with West ahead of the release of The Life of Pablo earlier this year, telling Billboard that, “Whatever we were dealing with, it was a beautiful thing to clear the air about. I’m really happy to be back working with my friends.” The relationship turned sour once again after Cudi posted a series of tweets aimed at West and Drake, boldly calling them out by name. “My tweets apply to who they apply. Ye, Drake, whoever,” he tweeted.

West replied during a Saint Pablo Tour stop in Tampa, Florida, saying he “birthed” Cudi.Cudi and West make some incredible collaborations, so it’s sad to see them constantly butting heads.

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Pro: He really is good for more than just a hook

Cudi has starred in numerous films, including shorts, indie and theatrical releases, including the film adaptations for Need for Speed and Entourage. He has also guest starred on TV shows including Brooklyn Nine-Nine and co-hosted the IFC series Comedy Bang! Bang! He has also dabbled in scoring with the independent film James White in 2015.

Since Indicud, Cudi has handled quite a bit of the production of his own songs. His music style continues to be influential on artists like Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper, and even Kanye West himself. Cudi is very talented, and for fans of his it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Con: Man On The Moon III is no more

Don’t get me wrong: Unlike some Kid Cudi fans I like when he tries new sounds sometimes, like the rock band he formed with long time collaborator Dot da Genius for WZRD in 2013. But others have still been holding out for the highly-anticipated third installment of the Man On The Moon series.

Cudi released Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon in 2014 as a prelude to MOTM III, saying that it would be released in 2015. But in an interview with Billboard at the Sundance Film Festival that year, he revealed the possibility of releasing another album before MOTM III. That album ended up being Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven.

Earlier this year, Cudi broke the news to fans that MOTM III is no longer happening. “I could’ve done that. But it wouldn’t have been anything anyone liked,” he told Billboard. “It would’ve been forced.”

Instead, Cudi is releasing Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin’, though the album’s original Sept. 30 release has come and gone due to sample clearance issues.

Being a Kid Cudi fan is quite the roller coaster, but where’s the fun in smooth rides?

Pro: Kid Cudi just released “Surfin’,” the first single from Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin’. Listen now.

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