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Mustard goes with every big artist out there, from raunchy rappers to collabs with electronic names like DJ Snake and Cashmere Cat. If you’re slightly confused- and admittedly hungry- this isn’t your classic, beloved condiment.

DJ Mustard, whose name is actually Dijon believe it or not, is known not only for his “mustard on the beat, ho” tagline but also for his insane ability to take virtually every song and remix out now to straight murdered it status. He plays on a ton of “ratchet music” type tracks range from the 2011 “Rack City Chick” homage to, um, professional dancers, to some crazy club bangers he managed to mix while touring with Skrillex last fall.

Mustard is quickly becoming a must-add to any blank track. His minimalistic, but catchy, bass lines feel inviting and never too cheesy. They’re upbeat with a moderate bpm and unassuming hooks, meaning they’re easy plays in any club-like setting or for simply chilling with friends.

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The catchy moniker coupled with his sheer talent and omnipresence across multiple music genres makes DJ Mustard the perfect addition to PSG’s Xtreme Spring Break trip this March. The sexy setting of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a backdrop for beats incomparable to any stateside experience. With a lineup including Marshmello, Destructo, Louis The Child, and NGHTMRE, the only thing missing from your Spring Break trip is a proverbial neon trucker hat (and possibly a beer bong).

Learn more about Xtreme Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta here


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