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Orlando-born artist Yonne is quickly rising through the charts with his hit single “Bombs of My Love”. The track, which combines elements of pop and dance music, focuses on the often overlooked concepts of positivity and hope. When the music and lyrics are added together, it creates an uplifting song perfect for any club or festival. 

Currently, “Bombs of My Love” is being broadcaste on radio stations coast-to-coast and is trending on a global level. Interested in learning more about the hit new track, Life Backstage sat down with Yonee to discuss the making of the song and the individual behind it.

What was the inspiration for “Bombs of My Love”?

I started out writing a song that I felt would really reflect me as a person and artist: uplifting, energetic, and positive! Then as I was writing it, all these terrible tragedies were unfolding around the world so I felt I could use the song to inspire people with a super uplifting and hopefully message of love unity and coalescence of culture!

Do you feel “Bombs of My Love” is especially relevant given all of the unrest around the world?

Yes, we actually ended up visiting the terrorist attack sites in Paris and Orlando to show our support for the people in each city and the victims. It was important to understand the perspectives of the community members living through the tragedies. It was a very eye-opening and emotional experience especially because I grew up about 10 minutes away from the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

The stark contrast between the acoustic verses and electronic chorus works really well, take us through how you came up with the layout of the track.

Well, my music inspirations come from many different areas so I wanted to create a track where I could express my passion and soulfulness with a dancey cool vibe that everyone could relate to! Taking the songwriting aspects from the pop world and merging them with the dance synths and movements of the electronic world!

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You just finished filming the “Bombs of My Love” music video shoot, can you reveal a little bit about the concept behind it?

Ya! We are partnering with an amazing charity called Together We Rise which focuses on helping foster care children and I will be working with the charity to raise awareness of the everyday plight these children face. We will be taking them on shopping sprees. I can’t wait to meet these kids and hopefully inspire them to dream to be the best person they want to be! That’s my main goal with the song, to be able to lift people in any time of need and I think it starts at the ground level with the children of our generation.

Switching gears, lets talk about you as an individual. What’s one unique goal you have as an artist?

It’s tough to have one! I constantly strive to make great music people will love and relate to! My motto is that if I can put one more smile on someone’s face, I’ve done my job! I constantly strive to do better and be a better person, son, brother, and artist!

You’re quickly becoming a world wide sensation. What’s it like to wake up everyday and see your song climbing the charts?

It’s really unreal! Last I checked we were #7 on the US viral charts on Spotify! I’m just ecstatic that people love and can relate to the music!

What’s one thing the world should know about Yonee?

That life’s short and I try to enjoy every moment of it!  And hopefully I can share my experiences and journey with everyone whom I come in contact!

Last question, what’s next for you?

“Bombs of My Love” music video! A radio tour! Be on the lookout for “Bombs of My Love” on a station near you! We are already on 42 stations nationwide. New music on the way as well!

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